Time to Live: The Beginner’s Guide to Saying Goodbye
By Ann Clifford

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.99

How we leave this life will be our final word to those we love – yet how many of us will be ready?

In Time to Live, Ann Clifford explores the issues around facing death with faith. A gentle and friendly companion, she sensitively encourages conversations around the one certainty we avoid talking about. Written in two parts, Time to Live supportively addresses both the personal and practical elements dying involves, and how we can prepare for them.

Acknowledging the pain and confusion that inevitably accompany loss, Ann looks forward with joy to the Christian hope of life to come. Let her walk you through the process of facing physical pain and emotional distress but also of conquering fear and receiving God’s all-embracing love. Death is only a portal to our future.


‘This a vital resource for us all. Ann writes with compassion, common sense and with some very special insights as we prepare to say goodbye to family and friends. Every church should have copies of this book.’

Gerald Coates, Founder Pioneer, speaker author, broadcaster

‘This is a very human book, which deals without flinching with one of the most difficult questions of human life how do we come to terms with death. Full of compassionate and personal stories, the book offers gentle and whimsical insights into how we can overcome our reluctance to face the inevitable. Ann Clifford is neither unrealistic nor morbid but leads her readers with understanding and empathy through those crucial issues we so often avoid, never forgetting the impact also on our loved ones. She offers help in facing fear without platitudes, and the future with care and planning, while encouraging us in the hope of life beyond the grave. The second half of the book on practicalities is a goldmine of carefully sifted information where legal, financial and institutional issues are unpacked with ease and difficult terms explained and explored. The result is a book that reaches out and instils confidence in our human significance at every stage of our lives.’

Elaine Storkey

‘This is a wonderful book that deals with the important issue of finishing well with great warmth, creativity and clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend you get a copy of this vital book today.’

Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance; Chair of Spring Harvest Planning Group

About the Author

Ann has wide-ranging professional experience encompassing church and organisational leadership, screenwriting, film-making, special needs education and public speaking. Life happens, and she has experienced a lot of it. She loves God, her husband, her two adult children and many others. Her website is: www.annclifford.co.uk