The Virgin Eye: Towards a Contemplative View of Life
By Robin Daniels

Book, £9.99 / Kindle Edition, £6.60


The Virgin Eye inspires us to see the world anew through the innocent eyes of a child, so as to become more aware of God’s presence in everyday life and encounters. Offering insights into contemplative prayer and mindfulness from a Christian perspective, this book is accessible to those at various points on their journey.

Robin Daniels encourages us to prioritise the inner life and our relationship with God, making space for silence and solitude. He helps us to jettison the tired preconceptions and stale paradigms through which we see the world and isolate ourselves from others. Daniels demonstrates how we can put St Paul’s challenging exhortation to ‘pray without ceasing’ into practice. He explores how we can turn suffering and trial into opportunity and growth, as we learn to see God, ourselves and other people with a pure heart and a pure eye.


This book is a treasure. … On almost every page there are profound insights. … Whether we are at the very beginning of a serious search of God, … or whether time and grace have purified us over the years and washed our eyes so that we see with innocence and brightness, we can learn from this book.
Sister Wendy Beckett, Art Critic, BBC’s Sister Wendy’s Odyssey et al.

‘I started to read then paused while I fetched my Bible; then a pen to underline wisdom. Then I prayed. Then I started to tell someone else all about it. It is like having an amazingly wise old uncle showing you how to live; to truly be alive. I wish it had been available years ago. It should be required reading.’
Roy Godwin, Executive Director, The Ffald-y-Brenin Trust, and author of The Grace Outpouring

‘In the midst of the complexities of life today, it would be hard to find a more comprehensive guide. … On every page, to facilitate growth towards wholeness and holiness, there’s insight and wisdom, encouragement and challenge. … Highly recommended!’
Brian M. Noble, Emeritus Bishop of Shrewsbury

Drawing on deep wells of experience and insight, Robin Daniels opens doors which enable us to see with artistic precision and radical freshness the wonder of God. … It is less a book and more a journey which will not fail to transform your relationship with God, self and others.’
Teresa Onions, Director of Pastoral Care UK for the Association of Christian Counsellors

‘It is a goldmine. I have found nuggets for my own inner journey and for those whom I accompany on theirs. It will be a blessing for all into whose hands it happens to fall.’
Canon John Udris, Spiritual Director, St Mary’s College, Oscott

‘This wonderful book is a fount of wisdom’.
Fr Vincent O’Hara, OCD, Director of the Avila Centre, Dublin

About the Author

Robin Daniels worked in private practice for 30 years as a Jungian analyst. He was supervisor for St Marylebone Healing Centre and facilitated a reflecting team of hospital chaplains. He ran marriage enrichment and bereavement groups for churches. This book weaves insights from depth psychology and literature with those of his Christian faith.