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August 26th, 2014

The Musings of an Urban Monk

Musings (cover)

Simon Jones is a man whose calling is to help us learn to share in God’s rest, even in the midst of chaotic city life – he is what one might call an ‘urban monk’! In a series of twenty-one profound and often playful reflections, he invites us to journey with him into the loving heart of God & the rest He offers.

Written out of a life of prayer and his experiences working in Watford’s Urban Retreat, Simon draws on wisdom ancient and modern to present us with the incredible reality of the abandoned freedom that comes from being children of our heavenly Father. He dares us to believe that we really are free to rest and revel in His enjoyment of us.

Could you know a love that brings peace in this busy world? Could you be free to be who you truly are? Join Simon and find out!

‘I encourage you to be encouraged by Simon. Let the truths he has seen touch your heart and give you hope. May they unlock a deeper knowing of the Lord for you; may they help you put yourself in a place where He can draw you close to Himself.’

Hilary Garcia, Founder – The Urban Retreat 

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