The Gardener’s Daughter
By K. A. Hitchins

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.99

Motherless nineteen-year-old Ava has always believed brilliant botanist Theo Gage to be her father. But when a chance discovery reveals she is not his daughter, her world falls apart.

Determined to discover her true identity, Ava impetuously runs away and enlists the help of inexperienced private detective, Zavier Marshall. Pursued by shadowy figures, she takes on a new name and follows in her dead mother’s footsteps to work at the mysterious Fun World Holiday Camp.

Penniless and cut-off from everything she’s ever known, and trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a ruthless criminal gang, will Ava survive in a world where she s more valuable dead than alive? Will she discover the shocking truth behind her mother’s death? And will she find her real father before it s too late?


‘Grab a hot drink and send out for a pizza before starting this — you won’t want to put it down before the end. A gripping story with vivid characters and a satisfying outcome, plus real wisdom to make you think. I loved this book. It’s a corker.’

Penelope Wilcock, Author of The Hawk and the Dove series

‘The Gardener’s Daughter is a poignant story of loss, searching, exile and return. Get on the ride to damnation or salvation and you will not be able to step off until the very last page.’

Dr Anne Richards, National Advisor for Mission Theology for the Church of England

‘K A Hitchins has done it again! This beautifully crafted story was all absorbing, and I thought about it long after I had put it down. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone who loves a good read.’

Hazel Paine, author of Soulsight and Soulvision

‘An all-round fabulous read you do not want to miss.’

About the Author

K A Hitchins studied English, Religious Studies and Philosophy at Lancaster University and later obtained a Masters in Postmodern Literatures in English from Birkbeck College, London University. Her debut novel, The Girl at the End of the Road, was published by Instant Apostle in March 2016, followed by The Key of All Unknown in October 2016. Both books were short-listed for Woman Alive magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award 2017, with The Key of All Unknown reaching the final three. She is married with two children.