The Dream
By David J Bailey

Book, £6.99 / Kindle Edition, £2.99

Living with a violent stepdad, and bullied at school, thirteen-year-old Oliver Carrick has a difficult and lonely life. But Oliver has a secret; for at night he is swept away in mysterious dreams of a strange, yet somehow familiar, house.

When things at school go from bad to worse, Oliver finds himself suspended. And when his stepdad finds out, with terrifying consequences, Oliver runs away. So begins a magical adventure as his dreams begin to become real!

On his journey he meets Jess, a girl who has identical dreams to his, and together they face danger around every turn; encountering fantastic creatures and bewildering characters.

Oliver and Jess know they have to find that mysterious house. But what will they find when they get there?

About the Author

David J Bailey is married to Gillian, with three children and six grandchildren. After a career in engineering and later as a Baptist Minister, he retired in 2005. Writing has always been his passion.