The Book of Boaz
By Dave Smith

Book, £9.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.66

Book of Boaz (Cover)

The ‘failed’ asylum seeker.

Confused. Bewildered. Hungry. Cold. Scared… Or… Illegal. Criminal. Guilty. Cheating. Dangerous.

Which is it?

Dave Smith set up the Boaz Trust ten years ago to _ ght the cause of the asylum seeker. Confronted with a media that can seem more determined to demonise than to tell the truth, and with a political class who appear happier to scapegoat than to stand for justice, this has not been an easy battle. Yet his biggest enemy has been the seemingly cruelly inefficient and impersonal bureaucracy that needlessly condemns so many asylum seekers to near-destitution and despair

The Book of Boaz is a story of how compassion and truth have inspired the author and others to shout for those who are too traumatised to even whisper for themselves. Dave Smith is a politically astute, articulate and straight-talking campaigner who is passionate about justice and freedom. His guide to the asylum world will leave you, like it leaves everyone who enters the system, with radically different views.


‘[The work of the Boaz Trust is] beautiful and redemptive.’

Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and founder of

The Simple Way


‘I was delighted to become a patron for the Boaz Trust, because

they transform the lives of destitute asylum seekers … who have

been unable to access support and have nowhere else to turn to

for help.’

John Leech, MP for Manchester Withington