The Belle of the Ball: Is Justice, Like Beauty, Ever More Than Skin Deep?
By Mary Weeks Millard

Book, £7.99 / Kindle Edition, £4.99

When sixteen-year-old Lydia is voted Belle of the Ball, it is the best day of her life – but it soon becomes the worst! Left for dead by a hit-and-run driver, she awakes to scarring facial injuries and sinister questions about the accident.

Discovering her father to be more than he seems and seeking to complete her recovery, Lydia escapes to a paradise island where breath-taking adventures and romance await.

Thrown into the midst of a refugee crisis and a terrible storm, her faith in God is stirred when she meets a Ugandan girl fleeing trauma of her own. Danger threatens and Lydia’s family soon find themselves indebted to the man who might just be the love of her life!


I highly recommend this book – which moved me to tears a number of times.’

Ann-Marie Wilson,

‘A very readable, contemporary tale.’

Jean Howell, former headmistress

About the Author

Mary Weeks Millard is the author of more than 25 biographies, children’s and young adults’ titles. An experienced nurse and midwife who spent a number of years living in East Africa, she has a rich understanding of life that informs her writing. Mary is passionate about inspiring young people to discover the deeper purposes for their lives.