Soulvision: Seeing the end is only the beginning
By Hazel Paine

Book, £7.99 / Kindle Edition, £3.99

The threat of contagion… the promise of a cure… but all is not as it seems.

Using Soulsight, Silas learns the terrible cost of the remedy but how can the truth be made known in a world of lies and control?

With the full potential of Soulsight unlocked, Silas discovers that with Soulvision, seeing the end is just the beginning.

About the Author

Hazel Paine grew up on the South coast, studied in London and is now loving life in the North of England. She initially qualified in medicine, but her love of science fiction spurred her to begin writing. Soulvision and its prequel Soulsight explore the obsession with appearance and tensions between body image and soul image. Hazel shares her home with a tortoise called Toby, a gastroenterologist husband and five free-range children.