Soulsight: Seeing is not always believing
By Hazel Paine

Book, £7.99 / Kindle Edition, £3.99


Fitter… faster… stronger… perfection… success! This is all Silas knows… until he meets new girl, Zoe. What is she hiding beneath the surface, and what does she know about the mysterious Community? Will he risk everything to uncover the truth… then risk everything to protect it? Silas world gets turned upside down as he experiences the terror… and wonder… of SOULSIGHT.

About the Author

Hazel Paine grew up by the south coast, went to university in London and now lives near Manchester in the north of England. Her interest in science led her to study medicine and qualify as a doctor. However, it was her love for science fiction that steered her to start writing. Soulsight and its sequel Soulvision explore our current generation’s obsession with appearance and the tension between ‘body image’ and ‘soul image’.