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January 22nd, 2015



A legacy, a deadly bargain and a boy’s mission.

When thirteen year old Taifen Kollay’s mum suddenly drops dead in front of him, all hope seems lost. In fulfilment of an ancient blood bargain, the dark lord Zacotan has claimed her life.

But as she lies imprisoned in Volcanus, the hellish city of the dead, Taifen is transported to the Judgement Chamber of Argoneo, mighty Ruler of the universe, to plead her case. Facing Zacotan, can Taifen reverse the consequence of this fatal bargain & ransom his mum’s life? And what sacrifice will be demanded in exchange?

‘Sacrifice’ is an exhilarating adventure, with profound insights into the spiritual realms and the power of love to overcome evil.

About the Author

Oluyomi O’Tuminu was born in Sierra Leone. After a dramatic escape from the civil war she settled in London where she now lives with her husband and two sons. She is a lawyer, qualified to practise in the UK and Sierra Leone, and has helped establish an NGO to educate women about their legal rights.

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