Rouse the Warriors: A Prophetic Call to Boldly Advance the Kingdom
By Steve Uppal

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.99

All over the world God is speaking to His Church and calling her to rise up, take her rightful place and be all that He has called her to be.

This book, a timely and prophetic call to action, seeks to stir believers to find their place in God’s plan and engage with His purposes. It will help to equip and empower an end-time army for the battles which lie ahead. Steve Uppal asserts that many in the Body of Christ are functioning well below their potential because they are wounded warriors who were once engaged in advancing God s Kingdom, but who have now backed off. Help is given to those who want to return to active service and see God’s purposes advanced in our nation.

Now is the time to declare the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus to our generation!


‘‘A wonderful book that will inspire you to play your part in all that the Lord has for you and His church. Buy it, read it and, most importantly, live it!’
Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance

‘In these times we desperately need followers of Christ on the front foot of mission leading bold, unashamedly Jesus-centred lives and who make Him known wherever they are; followers who are filled with compassion, courage and a heart for those who don’t know Him. This book will light up your heart and stir you to a new level of discipleship.’
Carl Beech, Deputy CEO, The Message Trust

‘Certain people seem to carry a unique passion throughout their lives. In Rouse the Warriors you will discover this strong heartbeat for prayer, holy living and kingdom advancement. This passion is modelled wonderfully through Steve’s family and consistently through the church he leads. His one desire in life is to see followers of Jesus rise up, live cleanly and boldly obey. This is not a theoretical book. It is biblical, practical and possible.’
Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor, Alive Church and Leader of Groundlevel Network

‘Steve has done the Body of Christ a great service in writing this excellent and ever-timely book. Rouse the Warriors is both inspirational and practical, giving the reader not only vision for what God can do through a life surrendered to Him, but also providing the spiritual tools to rise up from their present state into a life of wholeness, victory and effective service in the Kingdom of God.’
Jonathan Conrathe, Mission24

‘Steve Uppal has written a compelling, prophetic cry to the Church to wake up, hear the word of the Lord and go to war. I heartily agree! The souls of nations hang in the balance, and only a prepared, alert and steadfast body of believers can bring their societies the godly transformation so many are desperate for. I encourage you to heed this word, learn from it, pray over it and then boldly obey the Holy Spirit, as the mighty Warrior God created you to!’
Roberts Liardon, Author of God’s Generals, Pastor of Embassy Christian Centre, Orlando

‘This powerful and timely publication contains one of the most vital messages the Church in this generation needs to hear. The content is as inspirational as it is challenging, and is made all the more pertinent by the fact that its author, writing from long and deep experience, practises everything that he encourages the reader to embrace. If this work was a weapon it should be part of every believer’s armoury.’
John Glass, previously General Superintendent, Elim Pentecostal Churches (retired)

‘Pastor Steve Uppal carries a gift from God that awakens the Church to a deeper hunger and a greater pursuit of the presence of God. Rouse the Warriors not only inspires the reader to hunger for more of God, but it also empowers with a sense of ability to go deeper. Between these covers you’ll find both information and impartation to rouse the Warrior that exists in the heart of every believer!’
Lawrence Neisent, Pastor of Destiny Church, Oklahoma City

‘In a world that has become increasingly accustomed to conflict and struggle, the ability to keenly discern the nature of the “battle” that is raging, both within and without, is vitally important to our personal peace and fulfilled purpose. Survival is the first goal in every war, but life was meant for more than surviving. In fact, you were designed to occupy places of divine promise and to thrive in the midst of them. In his book Rouse The Warriors Steve has captured the attitude and the aptitude necessary to do just that. As a leader, Steve is gifted with deeply insightful yet simple principles that will “rouse” every person who is sleepwalking through what may be their greatest moments of opportunity. This is a day to advance! To contend for what has been promised. Don’t treat this moment or this book casually; your life depends on it!’
Bishop Tony Miller, Pastor of The Gate Church, Oklahoma City and Leader of Destiny Network

‘Part of a prophet’s message is to awaken the church, to mobilise the church and to bring clarity and focus on how to build its strength. When people are healed, they are not conscious of how great God is in them. This book brings inner healing to realise God’s greatness in you. Every time I am with Steve, I receive a new charge of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that this book will do that for you also.’
Dr Sharon Stone, CI Europe

About the Author

Steve Uppal is the Senior Minister of All Nations Christian Centre in Wolverhampton. All Nations is a vibrant multicultural church build on the three pillars of training and developing disciples, engaging with the community through social action, and overseas mission. Steve is married to Esther and they have four children.