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April 19th, 2013

Potholes and Belly-flops

Page Three model, serially unfaithful, heroin addict.

Loving mother, honourable wife, daughter of God.

Two lives. One woman. One God.

Susie was a rising star of the modelling world. Her image graced TV screens, billboards and magazine covers across the globe. But she was a private failure, addicted to Class A drugs and promiscuously jumping from one broken relationship to another.

Then God…

A life transformed; a loving Father nurturing and disciplining a wilful, frightened daughter towards healing and reconciliation. A story of God invading the everyday joys and pains of family life.

Once a body exposed to shame and lust.

Now a life laid bare to tell of the Father’s love.

‘Joyous and heart-breaking. Shocking but inspirational. The ruthlessly honest, movingly written, self-penned story of Susie, our lifelong friend, and her journey of struggle, redemption and hope.’

Steve Chalke, MBE Oasis UK, and Cornelia Chalke

‘This is a real story of a real woman with real issues arising from a wounded inner child, but one who is determined to hold on to the Lord and face the issues, one by one, with courage and dedication.’

Jennifer Rees Larcombe, Beauty from Ashes

‘You will hear elsewhere many tales of a radical change, but this one is told from the hindsight of several decades and offers hope and encouragement to readers who will persevere as she has done.’

Anne Coles, New Wine

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