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January 24th, 2012

Jesus through Asian eyes

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes we don’t know how to fit together the pieces of our life puzzle. Sometimes we try to fit the wrong pieces together and they simply don’t fit properly. Sometimes we haven’t yet discovered all the pieces which fit our life puzzle.

Christians believe that the purpose of life is peace with God and peace with each other.

We realise that there are questions, issues and sometimes misconceptions about the Christian faith, particularly from Asians. In this booklet we try to answer some of them.

We invite you to journey through this booklet, to think and reflect and to find pieces which may fit your life puzzle!

This booklet is the brainchild of the South Asian Forum (SAF), a team within the Evangelical Alliance. SAF exists to connect, unite and represent South Asian Christians in the UK. To find out more about SAF go to  All net revenues for this pamphlet will go towards the work of SAF.

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