Out of Silence: Voiceless Words Echo an Unspoken Loss (A Dr. Mike Lewis Story)
By Annie Try

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.99

Jaded Clinical Psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is on the edge. Separated from his wife, Ella, and deeply wounded by the death of their child, the future is bleak. But when he is assigned the case of mute asylum seeker ‘Johnny Two’, things begin to change.

Working on Johnny’s case, Mike connects with attractive art therapist, Anita, and a close friendship quickly grows between them. Inspired by Anita, and Johnny’s response to therapy, Mike finds reasons to hope again – but then dramatic events overtake them all and force him to confront his past.

Will he find courage to face it? Do he and Ella have a future? And can the silence of grief be broken?

About the Author

Annie Try lives in rural Norfolk with husband, Ken, and Old English Sheepdog, Maisie. As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Annie began her writing career by contributing to academic journals under her professional name, Angela Hobday. She has co-written four books on creative therapy with children, which have been published internationally. Trying to Fly, Annie’s second novel, was published by instant Apostle in 2016.