Mindful of the Light: Practical help and spiritual hope for mental health
By Dr. Stephen Critchlow

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.99

Mindful of the Light

Many people today are living with mental health issues. How do we recognise symptoms? What can we do to help? Does it help to have faith? Stephen Critchlow is a Christian psychiatrist with many years experience in the field of mental health. In Mindful of the Light, he presents an invaluable resource for all who are living with mental health issues, whether as sufferers or carers.

Drawing on his rich professional knowledge, he offers clear information about the causes and symptoms of a wide range of problems together with helpful insights into everyday struggles and practical steps that can be taken. He also looks at the role faith can play for those going through the difficult and stormy times mental health problems can cause.

This clear and well-written resource is a must for anyone in the church who desires to have a greater understanding of mental health and some of the very real issues that so many are wrestling with today.

About the Author

Stephen Critchlow qualified in medicine from Cambridge University and trained in psychiatry in London and Northern Ireland where he became a consultant. He has been a church leader in London, Ireland and Cyprus. Mindful of the Light comes from his experience of talking widely on faith and mental health issues.