Lydia’s Song: The Story of a Child Lost and a Woman Found
By Katherine Blessan

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.30

Lydia's Song  (cover)

Lydia’s quiet and emotionally safe expat life in Cambodia is dramatically turned upside down by the sudden arrival of Song, a young and vulnerable Vietnamese girl, and the flattering romantic attentions of a dashing, handsome local man.

Just as Lydia finds the courage to settle into this new-found happiness, everything is shattered when Song is kidnapped and sold into the child sex trade.

Broken, Lydia returns to the UK, confirmed in her doubts about ‘God’ and determined never to open her heart again – until one night many years later she finds the most unexpected guest on her doorstep with an incredible story to tell of hope lost and innocence restored.

Could this be the key that will finally unlock Lydia’s wounded heart?

‘This powerful novel gives a challengingly painful insight into the horrific truths of child sex-trafficking in Cambodia from the perspective of an 11-year-old Vietnamese girl, Song, who encounters Safe Hands, an organisation dedicated to freeing and rehabilitating victims of trafficking. The book describes the raw suffering of sexual slavery and the poignancy of complex relationships affected by trafficking but concludes with a message of hope – that Christ’s power can enable love and forgiveness even in extreme cruelty and suffering.’

Caroline (Baroness) Cox

CEO Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust