Hidden in Plain Sight: Discovering Heaven’s Treasure
By Clive Thorne

Book, £6.99 / Kindle Edition, £3.99

Where does your treasure lie? What is it that makes you come alive?

Is it the latest boxset or tabloid headline, your sport s team s performance or a friend s new baby?

All valid passions, but is there something better?

Jesus said that the Kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field a treasure so precious that when someone finds it, they will gladly sell all their other treasures to get it. What makes it so precious?

In this engaging and accessible guide, Clive Thorne considers the unique worth of the Kingdom and what we must do to find it. An inspiration and challenge to all who seek God, Hidden in Plain Sight will help you find the treasure that is above all others and discover the abundant life Jesus promised.

Are you ready?


‘It’s a great Christ-centred book that is great to use in your devotional time. I hope you will not only read it but get copies to give to others.’

George Verwer DD, founder and former International Director of OM

‘Clive is a true pioneer. His quiet witness over many years has impacted countless lives. He’s the sort of humble practitioner from whom I love to learn.’

Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer; Emmaus Road

‘Clive Thorne has an extraordinary ability to make complex things simple and accessible to his readers … A great read!’

Simon Orton, pastor Kings Church, Southampton

About the Author

Clive Thorne has spent more than 38 years working with the Asian community and started Southampton Lighthouse International Church in 1983. He has written Light out of Darkness covering the first 25 years of this work, and a basic discipleship book, Built on the Rock. He was also involved in writing the Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes evangelistic course.