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October 25th, 2013

Flat Earth Unroofed

Flat Earth Unroofed


The post-apocalyptic Land of Ge is ruled by a cruel despot with dark and mysterious powers. He is prepared to ravage the land and even sacrifice his own daughter, Mimne, to stay in power.

All that stands between Mimne and certain death is her friend Hudor with his mind lore and timecraft. Pursued by her father, further apocalypse threatens as dark creatures long foretold emerge from the mists of time to stalk the land.

And yet, it is not only evil that is stirring…

‘Do not read this dangerous book – I am hunting down the author in his world and mine.’
The Necromancer
‘This book can only be read from the inside out.’
The Daily Seer

Shaun Lambert lives somewhere in London where time slips have been known to occur. He is studying the breath of the mind. His mother taught him to read at the age of three, and he has lived in many worlds since then. He is particularly fond of the world of Hudor and Mimne which he stumbled across whilst walking his dog. He thinks children should run the government.

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