Complete in Him: Finding Hope in Disability and Child Loss
By Chizor Akisanya

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £5.99

Complete in Him

God promises that if we persevere through testing we will become mature and complete. Chizor’s story is a hope-giving testament to this.

Chizor Akisanya is a much-loved community leader, wife and mother whose success belies the difficulties she has faced. At birth, she sustained a brachial plexus injury – nerve damage to the muscles in her right arm – which resulted in limited mobility and control. As an adult she faced the grievous additional challenge of losing a much-wanted child. Yet even with her disability and the devastating loss she and her husband experienced, she has persevered in seeking God, daring to believe there is hope and healing in Him.

In this inspirational book, Chizor leads the reader on a faith-filled journey of personal discovery. Having repeatedly experienced the truth that challenges are surmountable with the help of Christ, she encourages those facing trials of their own to find hope in Him. By adopting a positive perspective day by day, Chizor shows how we can discover a completeness in Christ that will overcome every adversity we might face.

About the Author

Chizor Akisanya is an ordained pastor, artist, speaker and mentor to women of varying ages. She is well on the way to becoming an advocate for people living with disabilities and is keen to raise awareness of disability issues within the church community. She practised law for several years and recently took on a senior management position at Jesus House London.