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January 5th, 2013

Ernie Gonzales – The Determined Dreamer

The power of a dream made real, a vision realized, a hope fulfilled! This is a book that will affirm children everywhere in their unique identities, inspiring them to follow the desires of their heart and encouraging them to consider how these can be a blessing to others. As they join Ernie, slooping, slooching and squelching his way from one amazing scrape to another with his faithful companion Bruce, they will learn the value of being true to who they are and the importance of friendship and the consideration of others’ needs.

Inspired by his beloved Papa’s tales of a fabled snail paradise, Ernie boldly sets out on the adventure of a lifetime to find it, little knowing it is a quest that will leave him forever changed and dramatically transform the destinies of all he loves and knows. A story of courage, perseverance and the triumph of hope, this is a witty, profound and dynamic work, filled with delightfully creative illustrations that bring Ernie and his world to life.

About the author: Beth Shepherd is passionate to see dreams fulfilled! Writing this book was a proof to herself and others that everything is possible. She loves to travel & promote social justice, two things she has combined in founding a social entrepreneurial business in Sri Lanka. Currently, Beth lives in Harrow and teaches Zumba in her local community.

About the illustrator: Lisa Buckridge is a very talented artist, working in various industries and contexts. She loves to see others’ imaginations stirred by imaginative, creative illustrations and is delighted that her 11 year old daughter is following in her footsteps!


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