An Insubstantial Death: There is Nothing So Greedy as the Grave
By Hilary Creed

Book, £8.99 / Kindle Edition, £4.99

When Dame Emily sold Seascape House, her beloved Elizabethan mansion on the Sussex coast, to pork sausage magnate James Wedderburn, she could never have imagined the events that would follow.

A scheming, self-centred man, James summons his dysfunctional family to the house to extract money for the mansion’s transformation into a hotel. Up close, Emily witnesses the deep-seated hatred James’ behaviour has provoked in everyone who has crossed his path… hatred that will cost him his life.

Shocked to discover James’ body tossing in the foam at the foot of the cliffs, Emily determines to pre-empt the police and solve the case herself. Despite finding her own life to be in danger, the intrepid Dame unpicks James’ unsavoury past, seeking clues about his violent end.

Was desire for revenge behind James’ sudden death? Could the killer still be at the house? Will Emily survive to find out?

About the Author

Hilary Creed was born in Surrey and educated in Kent. She trained as a teacher at Ripon College of Education in Yorkshire, and has taught in the London Boroughs of Bromley and Bexley. She lives in Kent, within easy reach of the countryside and coastline of Sussex, the setting for this her first crime novel.