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June 1st, 2015

What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a Church Like This?

What is a nice Jewish girl-cover

A zany autobiography which takes the reader on the roller-coaster life story of a Jewish woman born in post-war Britain, whose dreams and longings finally lead her in a direction she could never have imagined.

To many minds, the world of show business isn’t so much a place where people come to faith in God but where they are in danger of losing it. Nevertheless, it was while working in this environment that Jewish comic-poet, singer and writer, Lynne Bradley, took the life-changing decision to become a follower of Jesus.

The fascination of this book hinges on just how this remarkable transition from Judaism to Christianity took place. Although Jesus was a Jew, the kind of transition Lynne Bradley made is rarely seen as obvious, giving this book a sharply ironic edge.

As her story unfolds, a gripping undercurrent begins to appear – that of an unseen divine hand at work in the changing circumstances of her life.

And there was much change that took place. From the shattering of her childhood dream of being a ballerina, entry into modelling and taking up writing and modern dance, to marriage, children, divorce, theatre work and singing, Lynne Bradley’s life has been anything but dull.

Yet amid the shifting scenes of her life there was one constant: the search for truth. This had started early when as a Jewish girl she commuted by train to school, passing a church spire on the way. ‘I would talk to it like God was my best friend,’ she says. She later began to question her Jewish beliefs and had experiences which she understood to be divine intervention.

Things began to accelerate when the theatre director she worked for became a Christian. He told her about his new-found faith and later introduced her to Christian singer Helen Shapiro who challenged her to make a Christian commitment.

The final link in the chain occurred when she was invited to attend a church service but asked her friend to turn the car round when she discovered the church was attended by Iranians. ‘I thought all Iranians were Muslims and they would eat me alive because I was a Jew. But my friend laughed at my fears, kept going and finally pushed me through the door of the church.’ It was here that her life changed for ever: ‘I don’t remember getting out of my chair but I found myself at the front giving my life to Jesus.’

She found peace and purpose at last, but dramatic circumstances were never far away. She developed breast cancer but was miraculously healed from it – a story which she amusingly refers to as her ‘breastimony’. She went on to meet her second husband, a South African, through whom she says she gained ‘a wonderful new family’ in that country. Lynne now performs in Jewish venues in the UK, encouraging other people to commit to following Jesus.


What reviewers said:

‘This intriguing title takes you into the fascinating world of post-war Britain through the eyes of a child. It is also the story of a journey of faith; how, after 51 years, Lynne found the God of second chances. A fascinating story, wonderfully told by a gifted storyteller.’    Nana Asante, Former Mayor of Harrow

‘This is a book with timing, perfect comic timing and God’s right timing. Sit down with your favourite drink, take your watch off and just savour reading this book. I did. It is richly human, full of courage, tragedy, humour and the fullness of life. It is also shot through with Lynne’s growing relationship with the God who reveals Himself. You can almost hear her rich voice recounting the stories that will leave you laughing, weeping, and full of renewed hope.’      Rev Shaun Lambert, Senior Minister of Stanmore Baptist Church, author, speaker and teacher on Mindfulness

‘A  heart-warming story, beautifully told, of how the God of miracles passionately loves each and every one of His children, and will go to extraordinary lengths to be restored to a relationship with them.    Nicki Copeland, writer, speaker, author of Less than ordinary?



Singer, writer and comic poet, Lynne Bradley, started her stage career at age three as a little lamb who’d lost her way. Her parents encouraged her to follow her dream of becoming a ballet dancer and by the age of 13 she had appeared at Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Festival Hall.

She has worked as a model and as a dancer, singer and choreographer, working with numerous celebrities along the way including Tommy Steele, Sir Colin Davies, Lionel Blair, the Black and White Minstrels and Una Stubbs.

Lynne’s poetry writing began when she was 15. She later became a professional speech writer and to date has had three books published. She serves in several ways at her church, lectures on musicals and has a one-woman show which has earned her the reputation of being a female Danny Kaye.  

She says: ‘I’m a chocoholic and a hopeless romantic. I love reading, collecting antique shoe ornaments and am crazy about American musicals and old black-and-white movies. I’ve studied Greek and Roman mythology. I am passionate about animals and sharing both my faith and the Jewishness of Jesus. 

What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a Church Like This? is published by Instant Apostle and is available online and from bookshops.

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