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April 12th, 2013

What Should A Christian Believe?

I’m a Christian – so what do I believe?

A new book by Ken Gardiner, Canon Emeritus of Rochester Cathedral, explores the essence of the Christian faith. I’m a Christian – so what do I believe? discusses biblical themes and draws on the riches of the author’s life of faith.

In his foreword, The Venerable Simon Burton-Jones, Archdeacon of Rochester, writes, “In a culture which has a broken Christian memory and which seems unable to put its fractured pieces back together in a way that makes sense of the whole, Ken’s apologetic is invaluable. This is a patient, involved, wise interpretation of the Christian story.” He adds, “I have a feeling some people are going to have their lives changed through the reading of it.”

The author Ken Gardiner draws on half a century’s experience of ministry and personal faith: “I believe we’re on a journey towards God. Over the years, my understanding of Him has developed. My experience has been so rich that I want to share what I can in the hope that it will help and encourage others on their own journeys.”

Some of the themes explored are the nature of sin and atonement, the effect of baptism and communion, the role of Scripture and God’s continuing revelation, the significance of Jesus’ resurrection and His appearances, while the final chapter gives a personal account of the author’s life from his first call to faith and ordination to the death of his wife decades later.

His life-long commitment to walking ‘faith-fully’ truly enriches this generous and lived-through answer to the question ‘So what do I believe?’

I’m a Christian – so what do I believe? is available through

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