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March 11th, 2015

What is Success?

Filthy Rich

Listen to the podcast of Manoj Raithatha, co-founder of Instant Apostle, being interviewed on Premier Christian Radio about his biography Filthy Rich & the definition of success. “Moving from gambling for money to risk-taking for Jesus”:

Filthy Rich: The Property Tycoon Who Struck Real Gold is published by Lion Hudson. The blurb for Filthy Rich:

“Why not spend £35million on one big day out?” The Daily Telegraph on Manoj’s growing property empire, 2005

Manoj Raithatha had it all. A booming property business, a picture-book family and the power to shape his destiny. His was a life to envy. Then his professional and personal worlds were shattered. The 2008 financial crisis devastated his business and a sudden illness threatened his son’s life. His hollow foundations exposed, Manoj found himself utterly dependent on the prayers of others and the help of a previously unknown God.

What happened next would forever change his life and the lives of all his family. Morally bankrupted by greed and selfishness, Manoj would have to build his life and marriage anew with different foundations.

Filthy Rich is available from bookshops and online in paperback and electronic formats.

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