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March 20th, 2015

UCB Interview – Infidelity, Property & Grace!

Filthy Rich

Listen to Manoj Raithatha, co-founder of Instant Apostle, discussing his biography Filthy Rich with Paul Hammond on UCB Media. Manoj shares how he lost almost everything in the financial crisis of 2008 but was saved by grace:

“I think I would probably have opted to take my own life if I had not encountered Jesus.

“What’s paramount in my short journey as a Christian… is that this grace that we’ve encountered in Jesus is so amazing. For someone like me who had lived such a sinful life, who had been such a ruthless man, had been an aggressive man, had been unfaithful, and then to suddenly encounter in one moment that day when I gave my life to Christ that I’m utterly forgiven of everything I’ve done.”

Filthy Rich is published by Lion Hudson and is available from bookshops and online in paperback & electronic formats.


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