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November 25th, 2013

‘The Girl Without A Name’

Girl With No Name Image (Google)

How she cowered in the corner, as she waited for the sound

Of the turning of the handle and his boots upon the ground,

She tried hard to think of something to remove the awful dread

Of the one who kept her captive, of the voices in her head,

That kept saying she deserved it, she’d been wicked in her past.

And she cried out for her freedom, that her nightmare wouldn’t last.

But her hope had almost vanished as she huddled in her cell,

Every day a constant torture, every night a living hell.

All her dreams now turned to ashes, all her self-worth stripped away.

There was nothing left to live for, slowly dying day by day.

How she trembled as the footsteps now ascended to her loft,

And she waited for the screaming, but the voice she heard was soft.

“Precious one, do not be frightened. I have come to set you free.

You will never more be troubled, dry your eyes and come with me.

I will take you to better place where there is no more pain

And I promise you, my dear one, you will never cry again.”

So she went with Him to heaven and she left this world behind,

Where they found her lifeless body, an appalling , shocking find.

And they whispered “What a tragedy,” and muttered,” What a shame.”

But they very soon forgot about the girl without a name.

And although the news of girls like this was growing every day

All the people grew desensitized and soon forgot to pray

For the twenty seven million who are held against their will,

Who are used for man’s depravity, the numbers growing still.

And the people thought,” How shocking, but there’s nothing we can do.”

And a voice screamed out from Heaven,” World, her freedom starts with YOU!”


Lynne (Linda) Bradley  12/11/2013

About the author

Lynne Bradley wrote her first children’s story when her first son was born, and is a published poet. In addition to her writing career, Lynne continues to perform in her own one woman show as a comedienne, singer and poet. She lives in North London with her husband David and her beautiful cats.


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