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December 3rd, 2013

Surfer Catches Dream Publishing Contract Wave

Andy Gee Portrait

Surfer dreams up fantasy fiction phenomenon

Andy Gee is a surfer, snow-boarder, rock-climber… and now published author! Vibrant young publisher Instant Apostle has chosen to publish his book Gid and the Arborinium Prophecy, a whirlwind fantasy tale that encapsulates all of the vigour and adventure Andy finds in life.

An ancient evil and timeless prophecy, a brave new world and majestic city of trees, a mighty army and marauding beasts – and a scruffy schoolboy who must learn to fly! Gid and the Arborinium Prophecy is truly the stuff of dreams.

And this is exactly how young Andy Gee got the story!  “I kept dreaming about Gid and the other characters so vividly that I was exhausted when I woke up.” Just as Gid, the schoolboy hero, finds himself transported to another, mystical realm in his dreams, so Andy came by the story as he slept. Chapter by chapter the story was unveiled to him, a tale of adventure and betrayal, forgiveness and hope.

“The dreams were so real and I knew I had to write them down, and I never forgot a single thing that I had dreamed – it was like remembering a film or like I had been there,” shares Andy. “I had no idea what was going to happen next when i was writing it, but the next dream always came.  Some people will say I have a good imagination but these dreams were more than that – I know that God was involved.”

Andy is an adventurer at heart and has appeared under many guises. At school he was a Jedi, after college a roller hockey instructor, and later a surfer, nanny, speleologist, snowboarder and pirate kids’ entertainer. Elements from each of these eclectic experiences and more are weaved throughout the story, making Gid and the Arborinium Prophecy a book that any 8 to 14-year-old with an adventurous heart is sure to enjoy.

Yet amidst the action there is time for the development of rich friendships between the skilfully drawn characters. Every reader will find someone to identify with and, as well as much laughter, find themselves being challenged by underlying moral and ethical questions. Can betrayal ever be understood and forgiven? Are there values worth fighting for – and dying for? Is it ever ok for a few to suffer for the good of the many? The brave new world in which Gid finds himself may be full of magic, but it also has all the dilemmas and complexities of our own.

As Gid finds himself caught up in the wider story of the city of Arborinium as well as his own story, he will have to learn to fly – not just with the new wings that he has been given in this new realm, but also with his character and integrity, for there are myriad obstacles both within and without that he will have to overcome.

Gid and the Arborinium Prophecy is available from Amazon in in paperback and Kindle formats:

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