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May 27th, 2012

Richard flies the flag for small businesses!

Sir Richard Branson has been at it again.  In an interview with the Observerat the end of May, he urged the government to promote economic growth by supporting small businesses.  Specifically he said it should consider reducing business rates, easing regulations hampering growth and considering policies such as a National Insurance holiday on hiring people for the first two years. And he suggested that the government needed to encourage banks to lend to businesses. Sir Richard said that to foster growth “we need to get behind the small and medium-sized businesses that are the engines of any healthy economy. They need investment and finance, and that comes from the big banks. The politicians talk of encouraging lending; we need action to match that rhetoric.”

Other comments Sir Richard has made recently focus on training the next generation in entrepreneurship and bringing more flexibility into the workplace, more part time jobs, more job sharing, without the current financial penalty for doing so; “if you took a little bit of the money from the dole and compensated the companies then I think hundreds of thousands more jobs could be created overnight.”

Which all sounds very sensible to those of us who run small businesses.  And it makes me wonder (again) what our churches’ policies and strategies are for getting the UK working again.

from Bridget Adams, joint author “Building the Kingdom through Business”

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