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February 12th, 2013

Rape – It’s not a “women’s” issue!!


It’s not a women’s issue

 By Manoj Raithatha & Nigel Freeman

Not long ago a British broadsheet carried an article ‘Rape is not just a women’s issue’. This was an encouraging but misleading title – the reason why rape was a men’s issue too was that men were getting raped as well. It was as if the raping of women was not an issue men need concern themselves with. As if, like PMT, it was a female thing best left to them to deal with.

Manoj Raithatha is a typical British Asian & a typical British man. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he deemed rape to be something best left to women – something that affected them and was best dealt with by them. But something changed when he heard about the shocking assault perpetrated against Jyoti Singh Pandey in New-Delhi. Other men, other Asian men, had committed a crime of unimaginable cruelty against a wholly innocent woman, a precious and beloved daughter. Stunned by the sheer ferocity of the attack, he was forced to rethink his attitude to rape.

This is not just a ‘women’s issue’, one for them to solve. Rather it is our issue because it shouts of the wider mistrust that exists between the sexes and the loveless culture we have created. Nor is this just an Indian issue. Rather it is a global issue that needs to be confronted here in the UK as much as anywhere abroad. But how?

Raised a Hindu, Manoj was amazed when he read the stories of Jesus in the Gospels and there discovered a revolutionary new way of living. Here was a model of masculinity that was entirely whole, that was able to empower and ennoble women because it was not bound by the insecurities that lead to the need to dominate or be cravenly subservient. More than this, through His resurrection Jesus promised that others could share in this wholeness, His wholeness. As he has considered this evermore deeply, Manoj believes that in Jesus the answers can be found that will enable the issue of rape to be positively confronted and combatted as He brings a radical message of hope both to men, who commit rape, and to women, who are the victims of it.

About Manoj Raithatha: Manoj has been a Bafta award-winning TV writer and successful businessman. Raised a Hindu, he has been a Christian since 2008 and today runs Instant Apostle publishing house and the South Asian Forum team in the UK Evangelical Alliance.


About Nigel Freeman: Nigel lives and works a mixed portfolio in Watford. He has never been snowboarding but hopes to correct this soon!

Rape – It’s not a women’s issue – Kindle, from Amazon: £0.99

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