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January 18th, 2013

Positive Confessions from Lance Armstrong

Confessing my Sin by Manoj Raithatha

This week I was late for a meeting because it had slipped my mind. A lot had happened that day. It had been one of those chaotic days which involved me running from one place to another only to come home and find my son not feeling well. Shortly after giving him the asthma pump and rubbing Vicks on his back, my phone bleeped. As I read the text, I suddenly realised that I had totally forgotten about the important meeting I was meant to be at. It was already 8pm. I quickly phoned back to say I was on my way, explaining that my son had been sick.

As I drove to the meeting that evening, and as I travelled back later, I was fully convicted that I had sinned. Of course, it was true that my son was unwell, but I had not told the whole truth. I had painted a picture that I was late because of my son’s health and not because I had forgotten about the meeting! Choosing to deliberately withhold the truth to save face was as good as lying and the Lord most certainly convicted me of this. I immediately asked God for forgiveness. However, over the following days, I wasn’t able to put to bed what I had done.  On my way back from dropping my daughter to school this morning, I felt the Lord telling me I should phone the chair of the meeting and tell him the full story. I wrestled with the Lord about this; after all, I had confessed to Him so why did I need to also confess my sin to my colleague! But gently the Lord brought me to the place of making the dreaded phone call.

To my utter relief, my colleague was thrilled by my honesty, stating that he wished Christians could be more honest with each other. Through this encounter the Lord highlighted a number of things. That sin is destructive and dealing with it is critical to the wellbeing of the sinner in terms of their relationship not only to God but also to the person sinned against. Over the course of the last few days I was not at ease as the sin steadily ate away at me. However, confessing my sin to God and my colleague brought with it a wonderful liberation. I felt free. There was a spring in my step and joy once again began to return. Sinning had placed such a burden on me and confession took this away.

This week, Lance Armstrong ended years of denials by publicly admitting to a worldwide television audience that he used performance-enhancing drugs during all seven of his Tour de France wins. What a weight he must have been carrying for all those years. No doubt, he has done wrong and sadly many will revel in this despite such a public admission being a step of courage. Dealing with the past now gives Armstrong the opportunity to a brighter future if he is able to take on the lessons he has learned from all this. Painful it must have been, but a hugely positive step in the right direction!

Recently, Instant Apostle published a pamphlet entitled ‘Sin: We need to talk about it!’ In this short pamphlet by Baptist Minister Sivakumar Rajagopalan, he illustrates how sin causes pain, hurt and division today. Sin is a reality in all our lives, no matter how “spiritual” we are. This pamphlet takes a contemporary look at the subject. Are we sinned against? Do we sin? How should we deal with either of those? And, most importantly, how do we bring God into the equation.

‘Sin: We need to talk about it!’ is available from Amazon on kindle for 99p.


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