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September 6th, 2013

Poetry of Lament and Trust – An Anthology For Every Season

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The passing of Seamus Heaney has reminded many of the importance of poetry in our lives. A new anthology from John Hermon, ‘Sometimes I Write Words’, contains poems for various seasons of the heart, helping the reader to find beauty in life amidst the pain of death. The collection comprises carefully crafted pieces on a range of themes as John comes to terms with the loss of his wife Mandy.

Touching upon Easter, Christmas, and various biblical narratives, the poems give the reader glimpses of divine beauty, love and faithfulness. John’s writing on the grief he experienced at Mandy’s passing is reminiscent of the lament psalm in scripture, a candid conversation with God on the questions of life and its pain.

Shaun Lambert, Senior Minister of Stanmore Baptist, writes, “These are psalms of lament, in touch with both the human and divine. I would give this book to anyone who has been bereaved – poetry often opens doors into our being that other forms of writing can’t.”

Following a career in teaching, John Hermon began writing poetry and short stories. His sense of wonder at creation and awe-struck mindfulness of God permeate the range of poems that will speak in every season of life, but particularly to those dealing with personal loss.   “I love writing, It’s is an act of self-indulgence, if you wish. But this is not the only reason why I write. I write for those who read and pray that the words I have crafted may be a channel through which God may touch their life,” says the author.

John Hermon is a Deacon and Secretary of his local Baptist Church and a member of a local writing group. He lost his wife Mandy in 2007 after a long illness. He has two sons and five grandchildren.

Sometimes I Write Words is available from Amazon:

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