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December 31st, 2011

Peace and Justice in 2012

Happy New Year! January 1st is officially World Day of Peace, and thinking about world peace is a good way to start a new season in our lives. What has peace got to do with business? Businesses may or may not thrive in peacetime, depending what you’re selling! But for those of us involved in business with God at the helm, Kingdom building businesses, then there is a strong link. In his New Year message for 2012, the Pope says “Peace for all is the fruit of justice for all, and no one can shirk this essential task of promoting justice, according to one’s particular areas of competence and responsibility”. Peace and justice are both Kingdom values, and one aim of Kingdom businesses is to promote justice.

We see a lot of injustice in the world around us. Events in the UK have highlighted some areas during 2011. Financial injustice, or exploitation, whether it’s within a society or between nations, will always hinder peace. An unjust society that does not provide useful work for many of its young people, denying them hope for the future, cannot expect to be at peace. So, how can we promote justice? If we are in business, then our areas of competence and responsibility allow us to promote justice through creating jobs, through creating wealth to be shared by all and through investing in individuals. Justice is never impersonal. And new patterns of investment, such as impact investment, can mean that we have great leverage on increasing justice across our society. To find out more check it out here in the Church Times.

None of this is possible without God, our help and our inspiration. As the Pope says; “It is not ideologies that save the world, but only a return to the living God, our Creator, the guarantor of our freedom, the guarantor of what is really good and true … an unconditional return to God who is the measure of what is right and who at the same time is everlasting love. And what could ever save us apart from love? Love takes delight in truth, it is the force that enables us to make a commitment to truth, to justice, to peace, because it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

I wish you the Presence of the living God throughout 2012….and beyond!

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