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January 11th, 2013

Pamphlet PR – Sin: We Need To Talk About It


We need to talk about it

Sin is an anachronism, right? Gone the same way as witch burnings & other medieval mumbo-jumbo…? Indian-born Sivakumar Rajagopalan (Kumar) believes otherwise. For him, it is an all too contemporary phenomenon, wreaking havoc in the privacy of our own lives and the wider world around us. In light of the pain, hurt & suffering sin results in, Kumar asks challenging questions that all would be wise to consider.

Taking a fresh look at this age-old topic, he recognizes that sins of the flesh can be far outstripped by sins of the spirit & heart, making sin a very present reality in all of our lives, no matter how “spiritual” we are.

 What is sin?

Do we sin?

Do others sin against us?

Does sin have anything to do with God?

Can there be healing?

Read the pamphlet, ask the questions and join the debate!

About the author: Sivakumar Rajagopalan (Kumar) is a first generation immigrant from Chennai, India. He was brought up as an orthodox Brahmin caste Hindu but became an atheist when he saw the injustice of caste prejudice. At university, whilst studying Chemistry, he accepted the existence of God and eventually embraced Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord. He has trained as a Baptist pastor and currently serves the London Baptist Association as a regional minister with special responsibility for racial justice. He is passionate about cricket and international affairs. Kumar lives in North London with his Northern-Irish wife Georgina.


Sin: We need to talk about it – Kindle, from Amazon: £0.99

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