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February 1st, 2013

New Book – An African Gospel for Europe!

10 Things You Need To Know

About Jesus Christ

Written by Michael A. Dada


If you had to describe Jesus Christ to someone, what are the ten key things that you would choose to share about Him? In this encouraging, challenging and honest book, Michael Dada reads from the Bible what he believes to be the most important facts that anyone and everyone must know and consider about Jesus.

Coming from an African cultural background, Michael has a direct and uncompromising message about the importance of the claims made by and about Jesus – these are things that must be known. Yet he writes with clarity, compassion and understanding, making this a book that is well-suited for people of all cultures. He is passionate about the relationship with God that is freely available to all in Jesus Christ and he desires to help his readers see past the rituals that so often mask the wondrous truths that are to be found uniquely in Him.

1. Jesus, the Promise of the Father

2. Jesus, the Light of the World

3. Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

4. Jesus, the Saviour and Redeemer

5. Jesus, the Prince of Peace

6. Jesus, the Healer

7. Jesus, the Master over Circumstances

8. Jesus, the Burden Bearer

9. Jesus, the Shepherd

10. Jesus, the Soon Coming King

About the author: Michael A. Dada is a married father of four children. He is actively engaged in Christian ministry, travelling variously within Europe to Hungary, Poland, France, and the Netherlands, and more widely to Africa. In the UK he is the president of Life Messenger Ministry, through which he hosts a popular radio show, and is also the lead pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (City of God Watford Mission). As the International Coordinator for Overseas Guardian Services he works with children sent from overseas to be educated here in the UK, providing practical and pastoral support.


10 Things You Must Know About Jesus Christ

Paperback £5.39 Kindle, from Amazon: £2.05

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