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October 5th, 2015

Losing the Fig Leaf

Losing the Leaf

Do you ever yearn to be free?

Do you ever feel you are hiding your true self?

Do you long to throw off the covers and live life in glorious fullness?

Nicki Copeland looks behind the six most common things you could be hiding behind and shows how you can throw them off and be the person God intended you to be.

Ever wondered what holds you back? Ever thought there is something fundamentally wrong with the world, with people – with you?

The Bible makes it clear that there is indeed a problem. It explains how in the beginning Adam and Eve were made perfect in the image of God, joyously free to delight in life with Him and with one another. But this image became distorted and this freedom lost by their desire for independence when they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

From that moment things were never the same again. Ashamed, they fled to conceal themselves from God and from each other, hiding among the garden’s trees and covering themselves with fig leaves. God’s wonderful plan for creation had gone badly wrong.

And we are still hiding today. In Losing the Fig Leaf, Nicki Copeland considers how, instead of hiding behind trees and fig leaves, men and women hide behind the six Ps of power, possessions, productivity, perfectionism, pretence and pastimes.

Drawing on her personal experience, Nicki looks at each of the trees in turn, examining them in the light of Jesus’ example, the perfect image of God in humanity, who lived on earth without hiding. She shows that God intends Jesus’ life to be the solution to all that has gone wrong in creation and in our lives.

Nicki writes: ‘We recognise there is a problem, that we are hiding, but we often lack the courage to step out from among the trees. Instead we invite God into our hiding places with us. We are in relationship with Him, but it’s on our terms. Yet there is so much more that God wants us to experience! I am discovering what it means to step out from my own hiding places and to embrace the freedom God wants for me, and I want others to do the same. This book explores what being made in the image and likeness of God really means for each one of us, what it means to fully embrace our humanity and enjoy being the person we have been created to be.’

Beautifully written and wonderfully understated, Losing the Fig Leaf presents biblical wisdom, personal experience and practical ways in which you can throw off your ‘fig leaves’, come out from among the ‘trees’ and embrace the abundant life God has planned for you.


What reviewers think:

‘This book moved me, challenged me, inspired me and encouraged me, but most of all it reminded me that God is deeply, deeply committed to His people and longs to hear us say, “Yes” to His staggering invitation to intimacy. I cannot commend it highly enough.’

Malcolm Duncan, author, Senior Pastor of GoldHillBaptistChurch and Chairman of Spring Harvest Planning Group

‘This is a fascinating book. It takes the ancient story of Adam and Eve and shows how relevant it is for today. Nicki names the “fig leaves” we hide behind and brings fresh insight to the struggles we experience in living the abundant life Jesus offers.’

Lin Button, author and founder of Healing Prayer School

‘Nicki brings together her personal experiences of dealing with low self-esteem and lack of confidence, and her personal revelation of the knowledge of a deep, healing love of God. This is a scrupulously honest book, full of spiritual insight and wise advice. It will speak to many who are longing to know and understand more of their worth in God’s eyes.’

Dr Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Westminster Theological Centre

‘Nicki’s story, woven through the pages, enables us to be real with ourselves.’

Anne Calver, Baptist minister and author

‘Reading Nicki’s book is like having a loving friend lead you into God’s presence so you can become who He created you to be, your child-of-God self. This book is a gentle, authentic companion through this faith journey.

Holly Sprink, author of Faith Postures and Spacious

‘Spiritual growth comes from taking our identity from God rather than from any other source. In this powerful book, Nicki helps us understand the security we have in God’s love so we can face Him, each other and ourselves… and grow into the people we were always meant to be!’

Paul Harcourt, New Wine Regional Director (London and East) and Vicar of All Saints’ Woodford Wells

‘Nicki Copeland’s careful exegesis on Genesis 1–3 and her understanding of its place within the wider biblical narrative of God’s redemption and restoration forms the basis of a book that is rich in applied theology.’

Freddy Hedley, Fountain School of Theology and author of The God of Page One


About the author

Nicki Copeland spent many years hiding behind various ‘trees’ and ‘fig leaves’. Now she loves to encourage others to step out and embrace the freedom God is offering.

She wears many ‘hats’, including those of wife and mother, writer, speaker and editor.

Nicki’s first book, Less than ordinary? My journey into finding my true self was published by Instant Apostle in 2013.

Losing the Fig Leaf is published by Instant Apostle and is available online and from bookshops.

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