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June 28th, 2013

Laura Robson Inspires Extraordinary Futures

Wimbledon 2013 has seen British tennis player Laura Robson come of age in one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging sports. To do this she has shown great tenacity, inspiration and self-belief, qualities that research from The Future Foundation suggests are in far too short supply among young women.

According to their study, the UK stands to lose more than 300,000 future businesswomen, female lawyers, doctors and MPs by the year 2050 unless young women are empowered to retain confidence in their abilities.[1]

Low self-confidence is something that Nicki Copeland knows all about. In her book Less than ordinary? she explores the uniqueness of each individual and the dynamics that help or hinder us to reach our full potential.

In a personal account of overcoming low self-esteem and a crippling lack of confidence, the author shares her journey into self-acceptance – dealing with guilt from the past, understanding her God-given calling, maturing in her character, and daring to deepen her relationships with others.

‘This isn’t a self-help book. It is simply my story of how I began to climb out of the cage in which I had lived for far too long,’ comments Nicki. ‘Many people suffer from low self-esteem, and I really want them to realise that they, too, can be set free from the chains that hold them back.’

The author’s exploration and writings are markedly shaped by her Christian faith as she weaves in inspirational strands from the Scriptures and the fellowship she found in relationships with family, friends and peers.

‘I hope the book will encourage others to realise that they are not less than ordinary, that they are not even simply ‘ordinary’, but that they are extraordinary, unique, special,’ Nicki adds.

Laura Robson is enjoying the fruits of long hours spent diligently practicing tennis and the vocal backing of a supportive nation. Nicki turned her life around by persistently making good practical decisions and taking inspiration from those around her cheering her on. Less than ordinary shows how any young woman can be empowered to believe in herself and realise her full potential for the good of all.


The book is published by Instant Apostle ( and available online or from CLC and Gardners.

[1] Research carried out by The Future Foundation. Published in the Mail Online April 2012.

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