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January 20th, 2014

Laughed Into Life!

Geoffrey (author)

Jeffrey’s Shorts is a collection of 20 comic short stories that will put a wry smile on even the most cynical of faces. The author, Geoffrey Crees, worked as an Anglican minister for several decades and it is this experience, rich in unlikely but familiar characters, that informs his work. The characters are drawn from all ages and backgrounds, but this is a collection that will appeal particularly to those who are familiar with church life.

Geoffrey has clear affection for the characters he creates, laughing with them rather than at them as they deal with the ups and downs of daily life, sometimes banal and sometimes tragic. Whether it’s an irascible and cantankerous old bishop desperate to leave his mark on posterity, an empty-nester couple dealing with the needs of their now adult children and aging parents, or a young single Mum finding ways to support her children, Geoffrey’s insightful and tender descriptions draw the reader into the character’s world.

The inspiration for writing these short stories ultimately came from Geoffrey’s Christian faith. As he says, ‘The Christian life is full of laughter and Christians should show this in their lives.’ But more than this, he hopes that, ‘If people laugh with me then they may just start to listen to God.’

Many of the episodes in Jeffrey’s Shorts are based around the parish of St Agatha’s, with a number of the characters appearing in more than one story as their lives overlap and in some way touch the life of the church. In each one, the main character finds themselves having to deal with the unexpected and reflect upon their wider purpose.

This is a book that can speak both to people with faith and those beginning to ask questions, the committed church attender, nominal believer and seeker. The humorous and kind stories prompt the reader to consider serious questions of meaning and give space for them to do this.

Jeffrey’s Shorts is available from Amazon in paperback and electronic formats:

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