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July 26th, 2013

Jesus’ Wonga Kingdom?

Wonga is not the sort of ‘company’ that the Church should be keeping. Much less profiting from! It is a tragedy that an institution founded on the message of a man who came to reach the poor should have been making money from a business designed to trap them in crippling debts. The Arch Bishop has expressed such sentiments and we fully support him in this.

For far too long the church has not been involved in business at all – to find out now that on the rare occasions when it has engaged it has been to share a bed with Wonga is the ultimate in irony. Christians above all should understand the significance of a spiritual bottom line, of the need to bless communities and society not only financially but also at the level of the soul. The new Arch Bishop is to be commended for his honest, grieved response to the news and doubtless will use it as an opportunity to bring reform.

In Building the Kingdom through Business, Christian businessman Manoj Raithatha offers inspiring examples of how men and women of faith have transformed the world for good and for God.  Once there were no hospitals, schools and welfare services for all – now we take these things that business men and women of faith inspired in the past for granted. He relates modern day examples and shares practical steps that can be taken to get such transformational enterprises off the ground.

This Wonga discovery should serve as the wake-up call for believers to realise that they cannot separate their finances from their beliefs. If enough people of faith engage with the commercial potentials they have then there may well be no need for any ‘wonga’ in the future to be sourced in payday loans because there will be enough community changing, spiritually energizing businesses around to transform society once more, leaving no vulnerable poor among us.

Building the Kingdom Through Business is available from Christian bookshops and on-line in paperback and on Kindle:


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