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July 12th, 2013

Inspiring More Than Ordinary Futures

Instant Apostle author Nicki Copeland was invited by Cllr Nana Asante, Mayor of Harrow, to be the keynote speaker at an event she hosted at the Harrow Civic Centre on Tuesday 09th July. The Mayor was seeking to raise awareness of the importance of every adult and young person in the community having a positive self-image in order for our society to fulfil its creative potential.

Nicki was invited to share how she discovered her worth and confidence in her abilities, how she was able to find a true sense of self-confidence after many years of cripplingly low self-esteem. “We are created to fly, to soar on wings like eagles, but lack of confidence leaves us with our feet firmly planted on the ground, unable to enjoy the sense freedom that there is in flying, and unable to see the amazing possibilities that life offers us,” she said.

Nicki’s own experiences are recorded in her book, Less Than Ordinary? My Journey Into Finding My True Self. Published by Instant Apostle, this is a beautiful and gentle account of how Nicki blossomed into the confident woman she is today, and offers small, practical steps that any reader can take to see their world dramatically change.

The Mayor commented, “Harrow Author Nicki Copeland was thought-provoking when she presented Less Than Ordinary?, a book on self-discovery she has written. I would like to see her share her book and story in our High Schools & Colleges.”

Nicki describes her time of suffering from low self-esteem as one of being locked in a ‘cage’ that held her down. Relating to people trapped in this way and seeing them set free to fly is her focus. Speaking with great passion and insight at the event, Nicki was in full support of Cllr James Bond’s initiative to see authors go into schools and share life-changing messages of hope as they encourage our children and young people to read.

Research from The Association of Teachers and Lecturers shows that 78% of teachers think that girls suffer low self-esteem, and 51% think boys have low confidence in their body image, so Nicki’s experiences of overcoming her lack of self-confidence are very timely. Without messages like hers being shared with adults and young people alike, The Future Foundation predicts that Britain could lose around 320,000 businesswomen, lawyers and doctors, as well as more than 60 female MPs, by the year 2050.

Nicki and the Mayor are offering a more than ordinary response to a more than ordinary problem.

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