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September 6th, 2013

Faith to move the HS2 mountain

Jerry Marshall

Being creative, risky and community-driven is Jerry Marshall’s life-mission. Whether seeking to save the UK Government £50 billion or setting up a call centre in Bethlehem, he is always on the lookout for an unlikely adventure. In his book Travels with an Inflatable Elephant (published September 2013) Jerry shares his story and the hard-won lessons of such entrepreneurial leadership.

Over the years he has applied his entrepreneurial leadership to many different spheres, including social enterprise, the fight against poverty and political campaigning. His refreshing frankness about the failures as well as the successes provides rich insights for life.

The author and serial entrepreneur comments, ‘People are searching for new values and longing to build community. Particularly in times of economic and social turmoil, they want to be inspired by initiatives that aim for the common good, that restore relationships and that are undergirded by sound values, bringing transition from the ground up. Innovation that is simultaneously disruptive and constructive. This is my mission.’

Jerry aims to fulfil one audacious goal each year. Recent goals have included attempting to save the Government £50 billion by fervently campaigning against the HS2 rail project and setting up a call centre in Bethlehem to create jobs unaffected by border closures.

Lord David Freud, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Work and Pensions) comments, ‘Jerry Marshall takes us into a surreal world where charitable endeavour entwines with business imperative. His story is fast-paced, funny and deadly accurate.’

Until 2012, Jerry Marshall was General Manager for the Transformational Business Network, an association of business and professional people that brings community transformation through sustainable business solutions for poverty.

Jerry’s unwillingness to compartmentalise his life accounts for the interplay between work, family and community seen throughout the book. Each area is shaped by the same qualities of audacity, tenacity and skill, and the willingness to make and learn from mistakes. Drawing on rich and varied life experiences, strong Christian values and unstinting humour, Travels with an inflatable elephant is replete with valuable reflections and principles that will inspire an adventurous and faithful attitude in every reader.

Travels with an inflatable elephant: Attempts to make things happen – And not happen is published by Instant Apostle and is available from Amazon:


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