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September 20th, 2013

‘Ernie Gonzales’ gives Sam’s kids joy & strength!

Ernie Gonzales

‘Dearest Beth, I wanted to say a Great big THANK YOU…… ‘The Determined Dreamer’ is just FABULOUS !! My daughters and I have thoroughly enjoyed Ernie Gonzales and were inspired by his courage and braveness. I envied his strength and he filled us with hope and faith. We were gripped and tearful at the tense moment when we thought Bruce had been squashed. What a relief the clever snail had hidden in the tyre tread…….. We cried!

I read your book individually to both my girls.  Maisie, age 9, battles with dyslexia and low self esteem and your book has had a huge impact on her young life. She took and embraced the more serious moral issues of Ernie’s journey and it gave her strength and courage. Whilst Issy, age 7, a little more comfy in her own skin and thriving in all things,  really appreciated and enjoyed Pablo’s character and Bruce’s fun cheery laid back nature. She belly laughed her socks off throughout the read. Ernie has become a daily part of our conversations; what would Ernie do in this tricky/difficult situation? And …. I myself admired Ernie’s courage. He gave me hope that I too, in my own personal journey can make it to Olive Garden….. Freedom!

I believe every child should read your book. I have taken my copy into our school and Maisie’s teacher is enjoying Ernie too. Our sincere and hearty thanks to you for such an awwwwwesome book. It’s just FABULOUS . With love Sam xxxx’

Ernie Gozales: The Determined Dreamer is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats:

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