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February 2nd, 2015

Eden Undone: What if Eve had said, ‘No’?

Eden Undone (Cover)

What if… Eve had said ‘No’?

What if… they hadn’t eaten from the tree?

What if…?

This simple premise lays the foundation of Anna Lindsay’s imaginative and thought-provoking novel, Eden Undone. What would have happened if Eve had said, ‘No’?

The author paints a beautiful picture of life in Eden, of the unbroken relationship between humankind and Love Himself, as they walked and talked together in the Garden. The reader is drawn into the joy of the Dance, the intimacy of perfect relationship, the harmony of the whole of Creation, unblemished and unfallen, in a spellbinding tale of perfect unity.

Yet the enemy lurks, waiting for an opportunity to tear Paradise apart.

Later, when another is asked the same question, their answer will rip Creation in two, and the picture is changed beyond recognition. As the fallen face the inevitable consequences of their choice, we share the heartbreak of the unfallen, and of Love Himself, as humanity seeks to come to terms with loss, anger, disobedience – and death.

This ‘what if’ scenario is one that, surprisingly, does not appear to have been explored before. It is a story that Anna couldn’t believe had not already been written. ‘Hence,’ she says, ‘since no one else had yet written it, I needed to.’

By placing the story in the realm of ‘what if’, Anna continues, ‘it permits a meditation on fundamental biblical truths in a way which is simultaneously gentle and unthreatening, yet perhaps all the more thought-provoking precisely because they have been transposed to a safe environment. Readers find themselves mourning the relationship with God, Creation and each other, thrown away by the Fall; atheists have absorbed the message without antagonism, while Christians have come away with a new and refreshing reminder of His joy and grace.’

Eden Undone is a story of grace and joy, loss and sin, hope and redemption. It is accessible to all – from the age of 9 to 95 – and is enjoyed equally by Christians and non-Christians. It is funny and tragic, gentle and powerful, original and thought-provoking.

About the author

Anna graduated from Cambridge University and has worked everywhere from Hong Kong (as a volunteer working with drug addicts with Jackie Pullinger) to temping in Switzerland and as a teacher in the UK. For the last few years, she has had health challenges and has consequently served through voluntary work instead, as Trustee and Chair of a small registered charity in the centre of Cambridge.

Anna Lindsay is available for book signings and interviews, and can be contacted via: [email protected]

Eden Undone (9781909728233), Anna Lindsay is published by Instant Apostle and is available online and from Christian bookshops.

Fiction, paperback, 228pp, £8.99, 1 January 2015.

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