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May 23rd, 2014

Drawn to Heaven on Iona

Drawn to Iona (Cover)

Many people will be holidaying in Scotland this summer and one of the most beautiful places they could go is the Isle of Iona. This has long been a centre of Christian spirituality and is often referred to as a ‘thin place’, that is a place where heaven somehow seems to be especially close to earth.


Susan Briffett first stayed on Iona many years ago and she has been drawn back time and again since then. ‘Observing the island’s beauty, I feel drawn to something greater than myself – to God, who is everything to me,’ she comments. A professional artist, Susan has been inspired by her observations of the beauty of the island, and the God whom she feels to be so near in this thin place, to paint the landscapes around her with their ever-changing seas and skies.

She has collected a number of these works in a very attractive book, Drawn to Iona, using each painting to illustrate a part of Psalm 27, a Scripture that has often spoken to her in her own journey. In rewriting the Psalm in her own words, Susan has drawn on her first-hand experiences of the truths it shares. ‘They speak about the awesomeness of God and His care of us all. It is also about how we can look at His creation and be inspired to be better than we are.’


The integrity and heart-felt nature of the reflections and paintings, both full of depth and meaning, make this a book that will reveal something new each time it is opened. There are times when quiet is needed and when many words, however well written, feel like much noise.

‘I encourage you to take time to look at each painting,’ says the author. ‘Let it refresh you in mind and spirit and enable you to see God’s goodness in the land of the living.’ This is a book for those moments, able to speak clearly and gently where others cannot, and helping the reader to come nearer to that thin place which has inspired Susan’s reflections and art.

Drawn to Iona: The Land of the Living is available from bookshops and from Amazon in paperback format.


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