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November 12th, 2015

Church Leader Supports Black Model’s Comments


International black model, Leomie Anderson, said today that some parts of the modelling world are still prejudiced against dark skinned models.

Please see her comments at thisĀ link.

Author and church leader, Israel Olofinjana, who recently wrote Partnership In Mission, which looks at how the Black Majority Church is partnering in mission with the wider church, comments: ‘Leomie Anderson’s recent comments about lighter skinned girls getting more work than darker skinned girls in the fashion industry highlights some of the race discrimination we still face in our modern Western world. We have heard related comments from black and Asian actors and actresses on how they are given marginal roles when it comes to the film industry.’

Israel, a black minister, chose to lead a church made up of mostly white people because he passionately believes in breaking down prejudice and fostering the unity Christ spoke of. Yet he acknowledges: ‘The Church is not much different to the modelling industry as it faces similar issues when so called Black Majority Churches are misrepresented and stereotyped.

‘A pastor friend of mine told me recently that they wanted to hire church premises from an Historic denomination and the pastor of this particular Historic church, knowing that they were a Black Majority church, refused to rent out his premises to them.

‘On other occasions, churches from African and Caribbean backgrounds are misrepresented as money-grabbers, loud and incoherent.’

How do we understand these churches and what challenges arise when they share church buildings with Historic churches?

This is the subject of Israel’s latest book, Partnership in Mission: A Black Majority Church Perspective on Mission and Church Unity, which explores how different churches within the UK can listen to each other and work together to do mission. In a fragmented and divided society such as Britain, unity becomes very significant for the Church.

For review copies and media enquiries contact Manoj: [email protected]

Partnership In Mission (ISBN 978-1-909728-35-6) by Israel Oluwole Olofinjana is published by Instant Apostle and is available from Christian bookshops, bookshops and online.

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