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January 22nd, 2013

A Prophetic Word for 2013

Politics in decline, economies in recession, morality in decay… this is the state of the world that confronts the UK at the beginning of 2013. And more than this, many see in the number 2013 omens of continued disaster and decay, fostering hopelessness and despair in the superstitious and fearful.

But what if this is only a superficial reading of the situation? Assuredly, winter has set in, but what if spring is just around the corner? What if redemption beckon? The writer of this pamphlet certainly believes it does!

Jonathan Swift feels that the Lord is presenting great opportunity before His people, offering all who would join Him the chance to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. This is a calling from Him to blessing and prosperity, not in an abundance of material possessions but in the inner richness of knowing our deepest desires of heart and soul expressed in and through Him. Will we choose to embrace the ‘risk’ of finding satisfaction in the unseen and follow Him?

No one is too small or insignificant, as the world would deem, to partake in this – indeed, it is those in the hidden places, at the margins, whom have been unknowingly prepared by Him for this very time, that the Lord is about to bring forth into the light. For it is a year of the unusual and the quirky, the uncommon and the creative, that is set before us. It is He who is shaking the world around us in order to break off the shackles and blinkers that have constrained, the Lord calling us to rediscover the colour and vibrancy of His wondrous image within.

In the author’s own words: “Life and light will burst forth in 2013. In the people of God. In the gatherings of the people of God. In the nation. In the world.”

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About the author: Jonathan Swift is a Christian writer who lives and works in Watford, Hertfordshire. He believes that the primary assignment of Jesus Christ was to change the covenant relationship between God and mankind, and that the promises of the Good News of Jesus Christ can only be fully received by knowing the basis and signatories of this New Covenant.

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