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September 25th, 2013

A Lyrical Christian Response to National Poetry Day


This Thursday marks UK National Poetry Day! ( ) Poetry is a medium that can touch the heart and soul in ways that prose never can, finely delineating and conveying all the nuances of life as is seen perfectly in the Psalms. But for many, poetry is the preserve of the satirical limerick or biting social commentary in rap music. Now two Christian writers are resolved to see the transcendence of the Psalms rediscovered in their works.

John Hermon has collected his experiences of coming to  terms with the loss of his wife to cancer in a beautifully tender anthologySometimes I Write Words. He says, “I write because I have a belief that what I have experienced, in bereavement, in a life lived in the presence of God, in hope and beauty, will resonate with others on their journey and encourage them on their pilgrimage.” Anyone faced with the grey horizons left by the loss of a loved one will be encouraged and inspired to find the first rays of hope and colour through John’s words.

Lynne Bradley has a passion to see children discover their special, unique worth to God and to be empowered to find Jesus in their daily lives. In her delightful set of stories, The Tails of Ginger and Tom, written in verse, Lynne recounts charming episodes in which a young girl is helped to work out her faith in God through the playful chaos that two stray kittens bring into her life. Lynne comments, ‘I wish all children could be taught / The joy of rhyming every thought / Then they would know not just suppose / There’s so much more to words than prose.’ Just as Amber, the girl in the poetic stories, is given a medium to work out her nascent faith through the kittens’ antics, so all readers of The Tails of Ginger and Tom will be emboldened to seek God in their day to day, expecting lyrical answers to even the most prosaic prayers!

This Thursday it is important for everyone that Christians celebrate the significance of the gift of verse and share their hearts through it.

Sometimes I Write Words and The Tails of Ginger and Tom are available from Amazon in paperback and electronic formats:

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