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May 10th, 2013

A Faith Children Can Understand

This energetic, heart-warming tale of two fun-loving kittens and their friend Amber, whose Special Friend looks after them all, is a delightful book that blends play with family and adventure with faith.

Author Lynne Bradley subtly weaves expressions of child-like faith into the unfolding adventures of Amber and her newfound kittens Ginger and Tom. While the vivacious cats get their paws into everything, Amber’s faith in the God who looks out for them all shines through at least as brightly as her love for the kittens.

Ginger and Tom get stuck up a tree, entangled in Christmas decorations, thoroughly lost, and stuck into the cream, all engaging everyday adventures that take place in the context of a loving home under the watchful eye of a Faithful Friend. Amber’s prayers for help and her expressions of trust are true-to-life and sure to resonate with the budding faith of young readers, showing them how the faith-filled stories read to them from the Bible can relate to their lives.

Every young child can identify with Amber and her affection for the kittens, and so every reader can begin to learn and understand the concepts of faith that Amber journeys towards and models. She is mindful of God and His role in her life, as expressed in her prayers for help and gratitude to Him when He intervenes.

When Lynne Bradley hosted a poetry workshop in a local school, she found the book to be a great way of delivering the message of Christ into unreached homes, selling 40 copies of the The Tails of Ginger and Tom on the day to children and parents. Combined with Susan Briffett’s delightful illustrations, the stories comes alive and stimulate the imagination and trust in God as children hear the wonderful tales (…of Ginger and Tom!).

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About the author

Lynne Bradley wrote her first children’s story when her first son was born, and is a published poet. In addition to her writing career, Lynne continues to perform in her own one woman show as a comedienne, singer and poet. She lives in North London with her husband David and her beautiful cats.

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