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Rooks at Dusk: On the Other Side of Despair, What is Left to Believe in?

Chick Yuill

Ray Young, an experienced Christian leader, has been married for almost thirty years. But his once vibrant faith, like his marri...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Hidden in Plain Sight: Discovering Heaven’s Treasure

Clive Thorne

Where does your treasure lie? What is it that makes you come alive? Is it the latest boxset or tabloid headline, your sport s...   Read on...

Book, £6.99

Forgiveness Remembers: A Journey into the Heart of God

P Farren & R Miller

Forgive and forget is the mantra. But what if the path to true peace were forgive and remember? This is the radical and liber...   Read on...

Book, £6.99

Lucy Ever After

Heather Cursham

'Lucy, I've had the weirdest dream! What could it mean?' Six years have passed since Lucy's magical dream adventures, and it ...   Read on...

Book, £6.99

Mission With: Something out of the Ordinary

Paul Keeble

How did a middle-class Northern Irishman settle in inner-city Manchester and co-found a community response to gun and gang crime...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

An Insubstantial Death: There is Nothing So Greedy as the Grave

Hilary Creed

When Dame Emily sold Seascape House, her beloved Elizabethan mansion on the Sussex coast, to pork sausage magnate James Wedderbu...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Trying to Fly: Haunting Memories Arouse a Dormant Mystery

Annie Try

Jenny Drake has never forgotten what she saw on that Devon beach. Just a small girl at the time, those frightening events have o...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Two Other Men: Lessons from the Thieves in the Crucifixion Narrative of St Luke

Graham Reeves

'Two other men ...' (Luke 23:32) All four gospels tell of Jesus being crucified between two thieves, but only St Luke's gospe...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Coming Home to Dad: A Journey from Childhood Trauma to Wholeness

Amanda Pilz

'Tell her she's no longer my daughter!' Amanda and her dad had never been close - but now he was forsaking her completely. Se...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

The Key of all Unknown

K. A. Hitchins

Brilliant scientific researcher Tilda Mosse wakes up in hospital unable to speak or move and with no recollection of what happen...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

The Virgin Eye: Towards a Contemplative View of Life

Robin Daniels

The Virgin Eye inspires us to see the world anew through the innocent eyes of a child, so as to become more aware of God's prese...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

The Search for Home: Rwanda was her Paradise. Rwanda was her Hell

Beatrice Smith

In April 1994, ten-year-old Beatrice came face to face with the Rwandan genocide when machete wielding killers burst into her fa...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

The Judas Trap: Why People Mess Up (And How to Avoid Joining Them)

Derek Williams

It's annoying when we mess up. And it's infuriating when someone else does. But it's tragic when the mess-up could have been avo...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Refugee Stories: Seven personal journeys behind the headlines

Dave Smith

[God] loves the foreigner residing among you (Deuteronomy 10:18) Refugee Stories is a collection of first-hand accounts by in...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

Ernie Gonzales: Escape from Paradise

Beth Shepherd

Bruce, Ernie and all the snails of Viñuela are loving life in their paradise garden. But one awful day Ernie wakes up to discov...   Read on...

Book, £6.99

Soulsight: Seeing is not always believing

Hazel Paine

Fitter... faster... stronger... perfection... success! This is all Silas knows... until he meets new girl, Zoe. What is she hidi...   Read on...

Book, £7.99

Putting on the Wakeful One

Shaun Lambert

Today's postmodern world is dominated by fear, yet it is open to ancient wisdom and the spiritual. How should the church respond...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Mindful of the Light: Practical help and spiritual hope for mental health

Dr. Stephen Critchlow

Many people today are living with mental health issues. How do we recognise symptoms? What can we do to help? Does it help to ha...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Walking With Purpose

Richard Whitehouse

Wild adventure and tranquil rest, fearful doubt and inspired hope the walk of faith truly is the journey of a lifetime! In Wa...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Lucy Butterfly: A Dream Tale

Heather Cursham

Was she awake or asleep? It seemed so real, she couldn't be sure... Lucy is a tenacious girl with a big imagination - but eve...   Read on...

Book, £6.99

The Girl at the End of the Road

K. A. Hitchins

Vincent's world has imploded. Only by confronting the past will he discover his future. High-flying financier Vincent Stevens...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Child of Gabriel: The Battle for the Lost Amulet

A. M. Raithatha

Thirteen-year-old Kenya's life is about to change forever! Caring Kenya lives with her cantankerous mother and grumpy stepfat...   Read on...

Book, £6.99

Pictures of God: Shaping Missional Church Life

Dr Andy Hardy

How do our views of God impact the way we do mission? Does our outreach reflect the full nature of the Trinity? Informed by t...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

Complete in Him: Finding Hope in Disability and Child Loss

Chizor Akisanya

God promises that if we persevere through testing we will become mature and complete. Chizor's story is a hope-giving testament ...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Found by Love: A Hindu Priest Encounters Jesus

Rahil Patel

The true story of a successful Hindu priest whose world was changed by an unexpected encounter with the love of Jesus Christ. ...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

Loved Called Gifted

Catherine Cowell & Sean Kennedy

What would it be like to have a deeper sense of motivation and purpose? Sadly, many people don't know who they are, what they...   Read on...

Book, £12.99

Losing the Fig Leaf

Nicki Copeland

Do you ever yearn to be free? Do you ever feel as if you're hiding your true self? Do you long to throw off the covers and live ...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

The Reluctant Exorcist

Ken Gardiner

For most people their only encounter with the ministry of exorcism is through sensational books and films, but when the need for...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Partnership in Mission

Israel Olofinjana

What is the Black Majority Church? How heterogeneous is the movement? What opportunities are there for partnership with the wide...   Read on...

Book, £7.99

The Returning King

Clare Lambert

Are the Jewish people still part of God’s plan? Does the land of Israel figure in Christ’s return? Has Jesus’ second comin...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Church Uncorked: Leadership That Releases Our Potential

Catherine Cowell & Sean Kennedy

How can we lead in a way that releases the potential so often constrained by traditional leadership structures? Both within and ...   Read on...

Book, £12.99

At Therapy’s End

Susie Flashman Jarvis

As Alfie's first birthday draws near, his mother, Sophie, and her family are forced to confront a past they have been trying to ...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Entertaining Angels

Janet Hosier & Liza Hoeksma

How often have you seen someone sleeping on the streets and wondered, 'What can I do that will really help this person? Can I m...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a Church Like This?

Lynne Bradley

‘I knew it was time to finally hang up my dancing shoes when, while preparing for the show Chicago the only costume that fitte...   Read on...

Book, £8.99


Anthony Shephard

Twenty-first-century scientist Frank Scanlon and a sixteenth-century monk are thrown together by a series of horrific events. Th...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

21st Century Evangelicals

Edited by Greg Smith

What does it mean to be an evangelical today? How do we define what evangelicals believe, and what implications does this have f...   Read on...

Book, £12.99


Oluyomi O'Tuminu

A legacy, a deadly bargain and a boy's mission. When thirteen year old Taifen Kollay's mum suddenly drops dead in front of hi...   Read on...

Book, £7.99

Forming Multicultural Partnerships: Church Planting in a…

A. Hardy & D. Yarnell

For the church to be relevant to a culturally and ethnically diverse Britain it cannot be separated along these lines. There is ...   Read on...

Book, £14.99

Eden Undone: What If Eve Had Said ‘No’…

Anna Lindsay

How do you get from paradise to murder in a single generation? A breathtaking vision of the heart of God and humankind's unbr...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Lydia’s Song: The Story of a Child Lost and a Woman Found

Katherine Blessan

Lydia’s quiet and emotionally safe expat life in Cambodia is dramatically turned upside down by the sudden arrival of Song, a ...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

The Musings of an Urban Monk

Simon Jones

Simon Jones is a man whose calling is to help us learn to share in God's rest, even in the midst of chaotic city life - he is wh...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

The Book of Boaz

Dave Smith

The ‘failed’ asylum seeker. Confused. Bewildered. Hungry. Cold. Scared... Or... Illegal. Criminal. Guilty. Cheating. Da...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

Drawn to Iona: The Land of the Living

Susan J. Briffett

This collection of water colours perfectly captures the beauty and peace of the small Scottish isle of Iona. Vividly described a...   Read on...

Book, £12.99

A Book of Sparks: Second Edition: A Study in Christian MindFullness

Shaun Lambert

‘Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ (Romans 12:2) ...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

Just Love

Angus Ritchie & Paul Hackwood

Everyone longs for love. Who could possibly be against it? Love seems uncontroversial: the modern-day equivalent of ‘motherho...   Read on...

Book, £8.99

Jeffrey’s Shorts: A collection of short stories

Geoffrey Crees

Geoffrey Crees is a retired Anglican vicar with a whimsical sense of humour and witty writing style. In these 20 enchanting...   Read on...

Book, £9.99

Gid and the Arborinium Prophecy

Andy Gee

Threatened by an ancient evil, the forest city of Arborinium’s last hope is a long-prophesied warrior from another realm. B...   Read on...

Book, £7.99

Flat Earth Unroofed

Shaun Lambert

  The post-apocalyptic Land of Ge is ruled by a cruel despot with dark and mysterious powers. He is prepared to ravage t...   Read on...

Book, £7.99


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